E-Mobility Tribes from Digital Leadership up to GoGreen Families

E-Mobility Tribes from Digital Leadership up to GoGreen Families

If there's something that companies across the globe require right today there is the ability to speed up the development and decision-making process. In addition, it's a strategy which can aid organizations in reducing their sales cycles and address the age-old question "what makes consumers want to purchase an item".

What sets agile, forward-thinking brands apart from their rivals is the way they approach getting their answers.

Industry leaders are getting answers fast, which is reducing the time it takes to market and also gaining advantages as first-movers in markets that are tightening. In the last few years, we've witnessed an increasing trend towards online research and this has been made more efficient due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The race is on to satisfy the new demands of consumers as changes in the way people consume, their preferences, or even the most basic demands are monitored by marketing departments across all industries.

What are the reasons Automotive Brands should be paying attention

The series we're discussing will concentrate on the automotive industry in order to explore the industry's development and examine how the most innovative brands are beginning to adjust. Removing their dependence on traditional focus groups and market research and towards a more consumer-centric method that offers a unique experience proves a level of maturation that is definitely worth examining.

The core of any strategy that is centered around customer first is the audience, the real innovation is in the way businesses approach gathering information about their customers. The mobility and automotive industries has seen the opportunity through tribes and social intelligence. By incorporating data that is based on social and online interactions companies can expand on the existing segments of their audience and delve into the actual wants and requirements of these tribes. The ability in social data is the primary distinguishing factor.

The result? A real relationship with the consumer who are aware of and respond to the appropriate voice of the brand. It's not imitation, but a marketing that behaves and looks like a person, as it is a mirror of their language and recognizes their common interests.

In our most recent report on the future of E-mobility an automotive segment which has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, we delves at tribes that are driving the current consumption and usage trends. After identifying two major groups : environmentally conscious consumers and those who are enthused about technology and innovation We looked into their conversations and their perspectives to learn how they impact the market.

Tastemakers and their technology

As companies that are in the field of E-Mobility face the consequences of COVID-19. Social intelligence could be a quick and flexible alternative to traditional market research strategies. We already know what people actually want from their electric automobiles however, we can study the different perspectives that shape how consumers engage with and view the concept of e-mobility.

We understand the tribes that exist and why we should focus on them and that online communities are in constant change as conversations are monitored in real-time. It is essential to identify the specific attributes for each tribe.

Through the tracking of 4.41 million mentions on electric vehicles we examined the attitudes of consumers based on their behavior, habits, topics of interest, and interests to identify five key tribes associated with electric vehicle (EV). These tribes are a reflection of the different types of consumers with respect to demographic groups, locations as well as gender, language and location.

The Internet of Things Technophiles are avidly following new technology releases closely and take to the most popular forums on the internet like Reddit to analyze new releases. They enjoy YouTube reviews as well as tech influencers, and post their thoughts on the capabilities of the latest items in their comments.

Their everyday lives are connected to the technology ecosystem. If it's riding an e-scooter to work at a tech company, or utilizing seamless integration with apps to track their evening exercise routine from their smartwatch the Urban Technophiles are constantly connected. They're keeping track of the most recent tweets from prominent tech personalities like Elon Musk as well as Lex Fridman while streaming shows such as Altered Carbon through their TVs with smart technology.

They are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, just like the Digital leaders.

The forward-thinking people have some extra money to spend and isn't scared to invest it. In certain instances they might already have an electric vehicle, and view their vehicle as a status symbol.

The design and performance of a car can influence the car they purchase which could lead them more prone to ICE sports cars.

Automobile manufacturers that produce cars such as that of Porsche Taycan are just right to these tribal groups. They are most likely to have an electric vehicle, and for the brands that produce sports cars and luxury EVs, Digital Leaders are among the few to experience financial instability because of COVID-19.

A large portion of this group is employed in finance or consulting and are successful in maintaining their lifestyle. If they're planning to purchase a vehicle most likely they're contemplating an electric car.

In contrast, there is our most tech-focused group that is the Urban Tastemakers. The city dwellers typically work in the creative fields as designers, writers or in the field of advertising. This group is small-sized but is big on the ball. Living near the heart of the action results in shorter travel times for the tribe and access to all the fashion, art and music festivals in their cities. They are always eager to test the latest technology and were among the first to adopt electronic scooters.

While they pay more for ride-sharing services than what they'd normally spend on a vehicle the cost of a car takes a priority in favor of convenience, which is one their primary aspects of consideration. It will take time to determine their move to automobile ownership and the future appears promising for an electric vehicle purchase.

Going Green for the Future

Environmental and technological issues have a lot in common in the field of e-mobility, but for those who consider the other aspect E-cars are considered as an investment for their families as well as the future of our planet.

If they reside within the urban area or the suburbs If Gogreen families own a car , they make use of the vehicle for their convenience during weekends and on holidays. They're usually using more economical options, such as bikes and electric scooters, similar to their more youthful Urban Tastemaker: counterparts. This group however is more practical and is focused on the main advantages of owning an electric vehicle. From tax-free incentives and environmental impacts to reliability and safety makes Gogreen Families the most important market for affordable EVs.

They'll compromise on style to ensure that they have enough room to accommodate their expanding families. There's a huge chance for brands that offer mid-range vehicles since this segment is set to purchase and on the market. With the financial sacrifices families face in the COVID-19 age, EVs are considered an investment in the future of their children.

Volvo has absolutely hit the nail on this Tribe in their advertisement, Volvo Moment. They emphasize their goal to build the most secure vehicles around, and hold them accountable for the harm ICE vehicles have caused to the environment, then promise to improve their performance with the following action plan:

Even though Holistic Changemakers may not be expecting children yet however, they view the future in investing as a major reason to invest in an electric vehicle. They are determined to lessen their footprint and help improve the environment in all areas in their daily lives. The words in the Volvo advert would be in complete agreement with these Tribes with their uncompromising approach to making the world a better place.

They advocate for electric vehicles for people who require a car, however, they prefer bikes, scooters or even a car rented. In contrast to their counterparts who are tech-savvy and those who are digital leadersHolistic Changemakers prefer the story of brands such as Tesla who they view as an underdog that was able to come from behind and change the direction of the polluting business. Similar to as Elon Musk himself, members of this Tribe are averse to the conventional and are less concerned with marketing or gimmicks instead, they focus on the transformative nature of technology itself.

Though they might want to own a luxury electric vehicle in the future, this tribe generally is younger and has lower disposable income. They might be driving older ICE vehicles or basic electric vehicles like the Toyota Prius.

Electric vehicles are only one part of the puzzle that makes up this Tribe however, they view COVID-19 as the turning point that will lead to greater electronic vehicle use. Brands that can find creative ways to integrate their car products into the larger lifestyle options that are offered by the Holistic changemakers can help develop this tribe into one of their primary demographics.

They both Holistic Changemakers and Gogreen families are more cost-effective and practical than their counterparts in the tech field. They are enthused by the possibility to minimize their environmental impact and reduce the cost of daily expenses. They also appreciate the ability to reduce their carbon footprint. Tribes believe that their EVs as an investment into their children, and the future of the planet.

Which tribes should you target?

The bottom line is that lifestyle and sociodemographic indicators offered the most useful information in defining each tribe. It doesn't matter if your target market is more interested in technological advancements or environmental concerns, establishing connections between your brand's customers and strengthening the bonds between your customers could take your marketing strategy beyond the traditional.

Definiting and identifying Tribes is only the first step in generating the purchases and conversations that you wish consumers to make. Finding them is the next step. What influential people do Urban Tastemakers observe who are able to promote the importance of sustainable vehicle ownership? Are they likely holistic changemakers to invest in an electric vehicle in the next year? Explore the in-depth analysis and conclusions of the report we published, What's the future of E-Mobility's Digital Tribes and the Impact they'll have in The Covid-19 now.

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