How Car Manufacturers Have pushed E-mobility during the Super Bowl 2020

How Car Manufacturers Have pushed E-mobility during the Super Bowl 2020

Over 100 million people around the world were captivated as The Kansas City Chiefs met the San Francisco 49ers at the annual Super Bowl. The first time since 1950 Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Kansas City Chiefs won the NFL final. Who will win the Super Bowl is clear, but who will win the trophy for marketing?

The Super Bowl is the sporting annual event throughout the United States, and it's not just for the sports and football enthusiasts. With its incredible halftime entertainment programs as well as its incredible halftime entertainment shows, it's clear that the Super Bowl goes far beyond the typical sporting event. It's among the most watched sporting events on the planet and is the most watched television stream throughout America. United States.

This huge reach across the globe is something companies cannot afford to ignore, which makes commercial breaks, line with the rest of the Super Bowl, a true media spectacle. The area for a 30-second commercial will cost at most 5.6 millions US dollars. This immense price is what makes this Super Bowl the scene of perhaps the most expensive and intricate marketing contests around the world. With commercials of blockbuster quality, plenty of star power , and an unambiguous message, they do their best to make a mark in the crowd.

In this time of social media users are at the forefront of the activity. The Web support the team live throughout the match, but it also expressed a strong opinion on the commercials that were shown. As we've all learned from now on, consumers are the most scathing critics.

Touchdown for E-Mobility

Alongside the food industry as well as the US American elections, auto industry dominated a large portion of the advertising calendar. Automobile manufacturers were focussed on their most recent innovations in the area in electric vehicle. Porsche, Audi and General Motors, in particular, offered ample content for discussion.

In the last week, approximately 11,000 posts and an estimated 38 million viewers were sold in conjunction with the automobile commercials.

The three companies have one thing they share - the concept of E-Mobility. With the introduction of their electric vehicles to the market, they're bringing attention to the possibility of a sustainable future for the automobile sector. By doing this the companies have promoted the subject through various methods, and have set themselves apart from competitors by clearly defining their position.

In conversations on the internet, we're thrilled about the progress and it's evident within the Emoji cloud.

General Motors

General Motors created a biggest excitement when it announced their return with the brand new Electro Hummer.

In their place, they concentrated on the technical aspects of the product. Our #Cloud is a reflection of this. When it comes to commercial issues, the web talks about the subject "Hummer ". The discussions about this topic were mostly on forums and forums.

In the spot, they mostly target an audience of males.


The Porsche Commercial was made public a week prior to the Super Bowl and went viral. This week, they surpassed 3,800 posts, with an audience of around 14.5 million. In comparison to other brands, Porsche stands out especially because of its mostly positive attitude. They're using this spot to place their most acclaimed models of the past back into the spotlight and also put themselves in the forefront towards electric mobility. The entire ad is set as a thrilling chase where the brand new Taycan draws attention by its speed and quietness. Porsche depends on the brand's conviction in the quality of its automobiles, and it packages the same in a commercial is loved by its fans.

They also manage to focus on the car and its technological features, and particularly in reaching the target audience of males.


Audi is relying on the celebrity endorsements in its Super Bowl spot. The focus shifts on the online social media community away from brand new Audi E-Tron and towards topics such as Game of Thrones and Frozen. Overall it builds an atmosphere of belonging and promotes the way to the future that is sustainable.

The connections to Frozen or Game of Thrones, as and the strong message, are appealing to both male and female target audience.


What does this have to relate to Tesla? Even though Tesla didn't run commercials, it didn't be left out of discussions on electric mobility. The marketer who won through the spill-over effect was, without doubt, Elon Musk. Through Tesla Elon Musk has been a major contributor to the development of electric vehicles and is regarded as an innovator in this area. and as we are aware, the web does not forget. That's why the discussion of electric cars in Super Bowl commercials are in large part influenced by Tesla and have become an unpaid advertisement for the company.


Four brands were compared

When comparing the number of posts from viewers to specific advertisements, General Motors is in the top spot with nearly 4000. The next closest competitor is Porsche with a total of 3800 posts, Audi which has 3,000 posts, as well as Tesla which has 800.


The Super Bowl commercials are an excellent illustration of how goods with similar benefits are presented in different ways to appeal to different target groups. The process of contacting specific groups is a complicated matter that requires detailed knowledge not just about the demographics of the targeted group as well as more in-depth analysis of psychographic data. What drives the group you want to target? What motivates them? What are the motives that the group they are targeting? It's important to always be asking the correct questions.

Through the course of our webinar, live on the internet we'll give you new and exciting information on the spots and demonstrate how you can utilize this information to improve your own marketing success in 2020.

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