Top 5 DIY car maintenance tasks for drivers

Top 5 DIY car maintenance tasks for drivers

The results of a new research study have revealed which tasks motorists are most confident and least comfortable taking on.

According to a survey by AA-Populus, More than 97% of drivers can lift the bonnet to top off the windshield washer fluid. But it is, checking the power steering and changing oil are among the most difficult jobs.

Top 5 things that drivers feel the most at ease with:

1.       Open the bonnet, and you will find 98%

2.       Fill up the windshield washer fluid. Fill the windscreen washer with fluid - 97%

3.       Check the pressure on tires at 93%.

4.       Check engine oil level - 91%

5.       Top-up engine oil 86%

The top five tasks that drivers believe are the most difficult:

1.       Change oil and filter. 31% are confident in performing this task themselves

2.       Check power steering is working - 46%

3.       Make sure you have a safe amount of brake fluid - 63%

4.       Change a flat tire or install the spare wheel - 63%

5.       Change windscreen wiper blade - 75%

Senior and wiser

Age is a major factor in assessing vehicle confidence in maintenance, with an estimated 77% of those over 65 sayings they can complete the tasks outlined in the study.

In contrast, one in three drivers between 18-24 didn't feel at ease with similar tasks.

Of the 97% who were in the people in the youngest age bracket who believed they could open the bonnets of their vehicles, only half of them were confident in tasks that involved flat brake fluid, tires oil, and power steering.

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