Ares Design builds bespoke supercars that will amaze you.

Ares Design builds bespoke supercars that will amaze you.


Certain car modders have no problem attaching or bolting things to their motors. Others aren't able to stop making suspicious modifications through "enhancement" shops seemingly run by rappers. While people in the driver's seat may think they're cool, people outside are often convinced they're stupid. They change places, and so are their opinions. One of the most memorable insults I have ever seen is the motorist of a mangled-looking Lexus screaming, "You is jus' Alan Partridge, innit," at an approaching Rolls-Royce crime. The irony is lost in space.

Some modified cars are unique. However, most don't. It's the fault of being branded with the BMW M badge. For a couple of dollars on eBay, exactly is the person who owns an M318d base model from 2002? Beemer believes we'll think on a Saturday afternoon when it is transformed into an M318d.

When the time of the Premier League ends, we're talking Bentley meets Star Wars prop, wrap artist, and the team who came up with and built the F-35 fighter. Also, according to trending, Mercedes-Benz G55 - an interior based on the Dubai penthouse, and thus blacked out, you'll wonder if there's glass used.

With different demographics, however, the owners seek an exclusivity that distinguishes the other properties. You must be aware that this isn't working for most of you. People typically commit M badge crimes with less money and many aspirations. There are some high-end purchases by those who have a lot of ideas. However, few succeed. Then there's Ares Design.

The company is based in Modena, Italy - supercar Central is one of its neighbors, along with Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani, and Ferrari close by. The company was launched in 2015 by an enthusiastic ex-smiling, fun-loving, detail-oriented financier Red Bull F1 and Ferrari executive Dany Bahar; Ares designs cars to the specifications of its customers. While some modders automatically claim "exclusive," Ares is one of the few with legitimate rights to use the term.

The space that is Ares the showroom is Bentley. Big. Magnificent. Flawless. Two doors. Step back. It's so right. Hang on to that. It's a Mulsanne. Is it two doors?

No, Bentley didn't. Ares did.

"It started with a lord from England, a good Bentley customer, who was disappointed that Bentley had stopped making the Brooklands, so he was looking around for a new Brooklands," Dany says. Dany. "We got a phone call from a Bentley dealer, who asked if we make one using an existing Mulsanne. After it was delivered, we received the greatest possible compliment. The client saw it and commented, "It's a Bentley. Two of his friends also ordered them; since then, we've purchased 12."

Similar double-take to Ares' Porsche GT3 992 Targa: "It looks like it's a Porsche. But you can't buy a GT3 992 Targa. This is a unique version that Porsche has produced."

Everybody from M badge crims to bottomless-wallet blingoids doesn't realize they want: that formula of looking special but original-manufacturer. Looking Crewe-special, Stuttgart-special, Maranello-special, or Munich-special out-specials bolt-ons each time. Ares creates what usually appears elegant and precisely and effectively pitched. Prices vary based on the type of project. Ares can also determine what ought to be or could have been.

"Our projects begin by talking to the client. We have a client who owns the original four De Tomaso Panteras. He said, 'I cannot drive them because they're terrible. They're useless. If I had a modern one, I'd love it," Dany says. Dany.

"So we designed 3-D models, and he became excited, and we also got exuberant. Then we constructed it using the Lamborghini Huracan, a great achievement. We refer to it as ProgettoUno, the Panther ProgettoUno. It was reported that around 120 De Tomaso club members came to the factory to thank us and bring their cars. This inspired us, and we're currently working on the next version."

Dany would like to make the experience of driving Ares cars, such as the Panther and the Panther, to be contemporary yet with a vintage feeling. In this case, Ares built an H-gate gearshift system that integrates an advanced dual-clutch gearbox that gives the sensation of mechanical motion, which was the hallmark of the 1970s and 1960s supercar sensation. Ares is also putting a lot of effort into making its cars sound great - giving modern exhausts the sound of past vehicles.

When it comes to history, Dany's most cherished is the first Land Rover Defender. "We love to try things that haven't ever been done before, which nobody else has done, and others say she is impossible. It's quite a difficult task. We're hoping for - what's your word? - the 'perfectionism' Defender.

"We've constructed a few, but several modified Defenders that have V engines aren't registered in certain countries, so we're making a car that is in line with the Euro 6 emission standards.

"It will also include things that aren't seen before in the Defender airbag, as well as a panoramic roof. Many people think the Defender structure isn't sturdy enough for a panoramic roof, but we've done it, and it is homologated. It is stunning. You've never had many features in the Defender, such as a stop/start button and a headliner made from one piece of Alcantara front trunk opening with hinges inside and electronically adjustable suspension.

"We are also creating and building things that no one has ever done in a Defender: modern and comfortable multi-function stalks that can be used for lighting and wipers. We even required a brand new steering column, and other things such as heated mirrors with electric heating and heated windscreens are essential.

"Some products will always defend themselves and never need to be modified: the 911, the G-Wagen, and the Defender. Our Defender will never lose its spirit."

The future? "Manufacturers are going to electric, and we cannot close our eyes to the future," Bahar said. Bahar. "But currently, our customers are fans who want naturally aspirated engines - never turbocharged or supercharged. They enjoy the thrill that driving brings."

He understands his market, which excites him, just like his current project. There are many more words to go into the details of the 715bhp Ares S1 Project, but the pictures will be the best way to communicate.

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