World's Most Expensive Lamborghini Is the $7.5M Aventador Carved Out of Gold.

World's Most Expensive Lamborghini Is the $7.5M Aventador Carved Out of Gold.


One might say the idea of covering your vehicle with gold isn't practical or, at least, a guaranteed way to attract criminals who want to slash it. Many argue that it brings nothing to the vehicle; however, it removes some of the car's value, as it's tacky and overly public.

To each his own If there's one thing that the experience of our lives has taught us, there's always a demand for gold-plated or even items made from gold, such as automobiles. Furthermore, buyers on this market can pay staggering sums of money for things we think are a joke in bad taste. As with the world-renowned 1:18 scale model of Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.

The Month of July falls under autoevolution's Italian Month, and you cannot be able to celebrate Italian auto excellence without talking of Lamborghini. The gold Lambo isn't a real car, but it has a place in this gallery since Lamborghini officially authorized it. In actuality, it was displayed in Lamborghini's Lamborghini booth at several international auto shows during the time that it was there. However, it's not an example of Italy's best in the field of automotive engineering and is more of a victim of PR stunts not performing in the way it ought to.

The story began in the middle of the year of 2011. German engineer Robert Gulpen of RGE Robert Gulpen Engineering had built an enviable reputation for creating cars since the early '90s. His models were unlike others, as Gulpen had discovered an unusual niche at the intersection of the automobile industry and jewelry in the middle of the wild world. Utilizing precious metals and frequently precious stones, He would create miniature versions of the most expensive supercars in the world and then sell them for between $20 and $25,000 each.

Before the Lamborghini, Gulpen built an original golden Bugatti Veyron model and, during the process, realized the most important thing about the person he was catering to was to make something more expensive, and the perfect buyer would be found. Therefore, for the Lamborghini project, He chose to go all out regarding the materials and materials to make an unprecedented model car that was more than just a toy and a piece of jewelry. It would be a piece of art, he stated in the news release sent to the press at that time.

To do that, he'd utilize the latest Lambo model, which is the Aventador LP 700-4, a masterpiece in its own right. He would make the body from carbon fiber, then encase it with real gold. It is the most incredible thing you've ever seen. Then there was more. He also used around 1,400 diamonds for seating (700 of them per seat), Platinum on the wheels, additional stones for steering wheels, headlights, and some sterling silver scattered about.

Gulpen's Aventador could be a 1:18 scale replica of the real thing, with a length of 60 centimeters (23.6 inches), and will strive to be exactly as stunning as the actual car. Most importantly, the pricing is comparable also: the first number reported for this model vehicle was $35,000. This is close to what you'd paid for the latest Aventador car, and you know that one you could drive.

In September of the year, Gulpen took an unfinished version of the prototype Gold Aventador for the Frankfurt Auto Show at the Lamborghini booth. However, according to one of the videos at the bottom of the page, it wasn't made out of gold. It was constructed of carbon fiber. However, it included gemstones inside and outside. Gulpen later stated that he would keep the model as it was to ensure that the new owner could decide the materials he would like and where to put them. After all, what's the point of a high-end product if it's not stocked with options for customization?

In December, Gulpen made clear that Sotheby's would auction off the actual prototype vehicle (not that carbon-fiber model) in auctions, either in Dubai or Europe, and it could be worth as much as $7.5 million. As news spread through the media, there were alterations to the price. However, it never fell below $5.5 million. If someone wanted to purchase the car before the auction, it could be done immediately; however, they'll need to be willing to shell out $1 million more than the auction's starting price of $5.5 million.

The story made headlines worldwide, and with the right reason: there was a model vehicle (an expensive, extravagant paperweight, as per particular) that could be sold for outrageous amounts, built from unusual materials, and dealt with Lamborghini's approval. But it didn't persuade one of the extravagant multi-millionaires to give up the kind of money.

In 2013 the Gulpen model returned. For the first time in history, Gulpen's works were shown outside of Europe in Dubai. The Lamborghini approval was still in place. The car was on display with a gold-colored cover and with its own smaller version. But it wasn't the real model car. It was a prototype, and the actual model was later revealed to be made from a massive piece of gold. 500-kg (1,102-pound) block of gold could be utilized. However, the final car would weigh just 25 kilograms (55.1 tonnes). It will take about an entire year to construct it, and a team of 10 will be needed. From the $7.5 million that the model could be sold for, Gulpen has donated $650,000 to charity.

The auction could also comprise Lamborghini souvenirs for the long-time Lamborghini enthusiast: a fragment of a gallstone from the very first construction in Lamborghini in Italy as well as a piece of the first engine prototype, an initial design sketch of Lamborghini's Aventador as well as its motor, as well as "some more subtle surprises" which were not disclosed publicly. The auction will be held in 2014, and after the model was completed (it was not until now), the model car would instantly be awarded the three Guinness World Records: the most expensive and valuable model car ever built and the most secure display to display it in, made by bulletproof glass. And the most valuable Lamborghini logo ever created.

It was just eight years ago. There's still no evidence of the most expensive Lamborghini car, neither with the company nor Guinness. We've contacted Lamborghini and will update our story once we receive a response. There's no confirmation on when the car was produced or, if so, the sale at auction for $7.5 million.

It seems like this was, at the very least, an idea that never materialized or, in the worst case, PR stunts that didn't go according to plan. Whatever the case, it's proof that certain things are too absurd to be true. As they say, not everything glitters is gold.

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